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The Best Birthday Party Ever - Testimonial from Alison with Emily B Aged 9 Years

Once again, Emily has enjoyed a fantastic birthday party at Balance and Beam.

There was no hesitation at all when I asked her 2 months ago where she'd like her party this year 'Balance and Beam please Mum' so I duly booked and sat back knowing that everything would run like clockwork.

Invitations were provided and carefully written and a couple of days before the party, a phone call to confirm final numbers.

On the day, I packed our light snack (and honestly, don't take too much, children never eat that much at parties) into a large box and arrived with the cake and party bags 15 minutes before the official kick off time.

The girls took the boxes off my hands leaving me to meet and greet our guests while they laid the party table.

Then off the children went into the gym leaving us parents to grab a coffee, and have a lovely relaxing chat while they 'did their stuff!'

The most enormous parachute you've ever seen,at one point encompassed the whole 15 children and 2 coaches, looking like a multi coloured marshmallow, and from inside we could hear the children singing 'Happy Birthday'.

All the staff are fantastic. They are polite, professional.....and slightly mad and my girls LOVE them!!

I'd booked the 2 hour party so just over half way through, the red faced children came charging out of the gym and dashed into the party room to guzzle gallons of free squash and eat the party food and of course...sang Happy Birthday again when the cake made it's grand entrance.

Once the food had been demolished and hands wiped, it was back into the gym for more fun, finishing with the 'Cheese Slam'. If you've never seen this, you must! I want a go!!!!

Any leftover food was put back into the box I'd brought it in ready to take home. Party bags, cake and balloons were distributed to our guests and Emily added to her collection of Balance and Beam T-shirts with a fetching lime green number.  

Talking to another Mum after the party, she commented that it was one of the most relaxing parties she'd been to. From a parents viewpoint, it's such a simple party to organise....and from the party girls viewpoint.....'epic party again Mum, even better than last years!'

Little sisters party booked for next month.....need I say any more????!