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Balance & Beam Is Going Virtual!

Dear Members

We’re very excited to tell you that we are becoming ‘virtual’, yes indeedy, you read that correctly and over these next few weeks we will be adding activities to our Facebook, Instagram & website pages


So from Monday, 6th April we will be showing you some great ideas to help inspire your little people into getting more active but it’s not just for them, we want you all to participate and have lots of fun too!

Here’s what to look out for:

  • We will introduce our weekly ‘theme of the week’ along with Monday’s skill
  • We will post our daily activity for you to try each day
  • We will post some ‘how to’ videos
  • We will upload a weekly Movement Challenges for you to try in your own home or garden

We want to give you a range of activities that not only help the physical skills but also work on fine and gross motor skills, balance & co-ordination

So the days will look like this:

Monday: Get Movin Monday – Start the week off as you mean to go on with a specific skill of the week to work on all week

Tuesday: Teamwork Tuesday – Family Obstacle Challenge

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday – This could be Plank Challenge work out, flossing, Abs challenge, Bring Sally Up…you get the idea – a challenge for the whole family

Thursday: Throwing Thursday – We will be working on a different throwing &/or catching activity of the week to work on

Friday: Freeze Friday – Will be static shapes or stretches to work on balancing techniques

Saturday: Share Your Skill Saturday - We’d love you to share your workout challenges with us on our page so make sure you video yourselves every now and again

Sunday: Funday Sunday – Show us what other FUN things you have been up to over the week. Remember we are one BIG Family at Balance & Beam! 

Why not tag your friends in or even let grannie & gramps see how you are, I know it can be lonely for them right now and it would make their day to see their little people

I have to say we’re a little bit nervous at getting this off the ground but hopefully we’ll get better as the weeks progress

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page at 9.00am Monday morning for your weekly theme and challenge of the day and then we’ll post at 9.00am every day

Just one final little bit… We do take health & safety very seriously at the gym, so in our ‘virtual gym’ you will need to make sure you take care when you’re practicing these skills in and around the house and garden so….

Remember, we want all you guys to stay safe and well. Please make sure that you have enough space around you to do the activities safely. DON’T try anything that you don’t feel able to do. Parents, this is a BIG one for you, please remember that most of you are not ‘coaches’ so don’t get the kids to try triple flips or back somersaults (it’s not safe OK). Get the kids to know & understand their own limitations. Start small and grow – that’s the Balance & Beam way!. These activities are meant to be FUN challenges!

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