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Exercise Benefits the Smallest of Children!

Fun Filled Parent & Child classes at Balance & Beam...

The earlier babies, toddlers, and pre-school children get introduced to daily exercise, the better the likelihood of healthy development in later life.

Infancy and the toddler years are the time that the brain is developing pathways and connections to the muscles. Children who do not get enough exercise may miss out on the chance to make the strong kinds of brain-muscle connections that make physical activity easier and more enjoyable. As children grow and mature, it is this physical competence that makes exercise more likely to become a fun and life-long habit.

Our professionally planned child development programme is suitable for babies from just 4 months old and is carefully designed to help both children and parents/carer.

Parents are shown the correct way to support their child during each fun filled session, learning exercises that they can replicate at home, meaning little ones are getting the exercise that they NEED every day to help them stay healthy. It is really important for all children to be sociable as this will help them develop vital social skills important for their development. During each session babies and small children will be exposed to other children who they see enjoying fun physical activity. This means small children will associate exercise with having fun and this helps a child develop a love of physical fun and sport.

Visiting Balance & Beam is as stress free as it can be with a little person in tow. We have full changing facilities, microwave, kettle, comfy seating and a great coffee machine.

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