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British Gymnastics Awards Scheme - 3 years +

British Gymnastics Awards (3 + years)

All children, age 3 years +, are assessed throughout their regular class and work towards the British Gymnastics Awards. These includes A, B, & C Pre School Awards (3 – 5 years) and 8 – 1 Proficiency Awards (5 years +) and Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Children do not know they are being assessed and no pressure is put on any child. Parents can opt in or out of the awards scheme at any time.

British Gymnastics Awards are presented to children during our ‘Show Week’ Classes along with a Balance & Beam Certificate of Achievement which every child will receive. (Irrelevant of whether they are participating in the British Gymnastics Awards Scheme)

As our members progress through the badges, required skills to pass become trickier! We therefore try and include these skills into our name activities, warm ups and stretches where possible. We also give little homework slips out to the children who want to practice at home.

The team are always available to discuss the awards system, and which badge each child will be working towards.

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