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Children & Families Staffordshire Next Visit 13th September

Children and Families Staffordshire attend a variety of sessions including our Messy Play sessions and gym sessions.

They're next at the gym on Thursday 13th September  11:30am - 1:30pm

These sessions give family members the opportunity to take a break whilst their special little people get to have lots of fun in the capable hands of their carers.

The team at Balance & Beam facilitates these group activity sessions and gives help and advice to their carers as to what their young charges are able to do and tips on how to help them with the gym equipment.

It is such a great place for them to let off steam, build new skills, learn to interact & socialise with their peers all in a safe, bright and colourful environment as well as building their confidence and self esteem

After their session in the gym they can relax in the lobby area with snacks & juice

Why do some families need Children and Families Staffordshire

  • several young children, twins or more
  • very young/inexperienced parents themselves
  • child/parent with disability
  • child's behaviour difficulties
  • ill heath, mental or physical
  • relationship difficulties
  • death of a family member
  • post natal depression
  • inadequate housing
  • financial difficulties
  • budgeting problems
  • loneliness/isolation
  • lone single parent
  • depression
  • violence and abuse
  • asylum seekers

For more information about Homestart please visit their website or contact them direct on 01782 683810

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