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We continue to update our Post-Covid procedures in line with the Government's latest announcements and look forward to re-opening on 12th April 2021

Here's what to expect when you come to classes

  • Where possible we are still requesting that parents for our larger evening & weekend classes 'Drop & Go'
  • Maximum of 12-15 adults in the lobby area sat at least 1 metres apart and face coverings to be worn at all times
  • For our smaller classes & Parent/child classes one parent may attend with their child and you will be filtered into the gym one at a time as before
  • Please do not arrive more than ten minutes before class as you will not be allowed in the building until the class before has finished
  • Parents/Carers MUST wear a face shield at all times (over 11s). (Exemptions will apply as necessary)
  • Everyone who enters the gym will be temperature checked – please do not come to class if you or your child is unwell - we reserve the right to refuse entry
  • Please also have your child in clean clothes
  • Please use our sanitising stations on entry for both you and your child and as often as you like, there are plenty around
  • Please use our NHS Track & Trace Code displayed in the lobby to check in (we automatically record who attends all our classes as a matter of course)
  • Remember to enter your vehicle registration into our tablet if you have parked at Waterworld
  • We now have a separate ‘IN’ door and an ‘OUT’ door in the lobby to exit the building
  • There will be allocated ‘distanced’ markers in the lobby for you & your child to wait to remove shoes before class and wait to be called
    • Please have your child in GRIPPY / TRAMPOLINE type socks (we will have some for sale £2)
    • Maximum independent class size is 18-20 children
    • Parent/Child classes will be 10 Children + one parent
    • You will note from our revised timetable that we have allowed time in between classes to sanitise the gym & other areas
    • If you have a sibling with you, please bring your own books/something to keep them amused as we will not have any toys or books in the lobby to ensure no cross-contamination
    • We will be requesting that children come ‘ready for the gym’. We will have cubbies INSIDE the gym for your child to put their belongings in themselves, including their own named water bottle, to alleviate coming in and out of the gym
    • You can use our party room if you have extra siblings and spaced out tables for homework or your own food
    • All children (excluding parent/child classes) will exit the building at the far end of the gym. This means that once the instructors have given their ‘end of class announcement’ to parents 5 minutes before class end, you will be asked to queue outside the bottom end of the gym to collect your child thus reducing congestion in the lobby area and the chance to mingle and allows us time to clean the areas after use
    • The coffee machine will be available as normal you can take your mask off whilst drinking and then put it back on(did I need to say that)

    The water machine will be available to fill bottles only, but not for the children to come in and out of the gym

Walk Through Video

  • Instructors will wear face masks or shields at most times in the gym.  We will also endeavour to coach responsibly from a distance (and continue to abide by Government legislation)
    • Children in our independent classes will enter the gym and place belongings in cubbies, then find a space marked out on the mat
    • Parent/Child classes will place their belongings in the cubbies in the lobby
    • The red mat has been gridded out to keep the children at least 1-2 metres apart
    • We will still conduct warm up activities and group activities on the red mat, but we will be adapting our lesson plans accordingly to keep the children distanced
    • Hand Equipment, balls, sticks, bean bags etc., will be on a per child basis and put to one side after the activity to be sanitised after use
    • We will spend time at the equipment where the children will be split into 2 groups of 6 initially, i.e. in ‘bubbles’

    Instructors will still do ‘show and tell’ at the stations – the children will

    • have spot markers to sit and watch
    • Instructors will be vocally coaching the children around the equipment as much as possible.
    • For parent/child classes, we will show parents how to spot and hold their child
    • At the end of the classes we will return to the red mat for a socially distanced game & closing circle
    • For parent/child classes, you will exit back into the lobby.  However, the children in our independent classes will put their shoes on whilst still in the gym and gather their belongings ready to exit at the rear door where parents will collect them

    The lobby & gym will then be hygienically cleaned ready for the next class. Instructors will also sanitise after their class

Cleaning Procedures

We have increased our very rigid cleaning system even more during this post-lockdown period.  This will include cleaning down in between classes with a full and thorough end of day clean down - this will include disinfecting & sanitising,vacuuming- and paying particular attention to the following:

High Touch Areas

Door handles • Disability rails • Switches • Taps • Sinks (including underneath and sides) • Toilet seat • Toilet flush handles/buttons • Toilet paper dispensers • Hand towel dispensers • Bin lids • Reception area desk • Cubbies boxes • Viewing windows / display cabinets etc. • Reception desk

iPad • Computers / Laptops • TV remote • Gym-iPhone • Printers • Photocopiers • Telephones • Kitchen appliances - microwave, kettle, fridge

Gym Area

Safety mats • Spring Boards • Coaching blocks • All Beams • A Frame Bars • Yellow Bars x 3 • Tumble Track Hand Apparatus inc, Balls, Bean Bags, Sticks, Scarves, Parachute • Coaching blocks • All Traps • Vaulting blocks • Beam pads & wideners • Rainbow Mats  • Spot Markers

Lobby Area

Cubbies • Viewing windows • Visitor Chairs & Tables • Coffee Machine • Reception desk/ Parking Tablet

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