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Rhythm Time Classes at Balance & Beam Gymnastics, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

Exposing your baby to early music making is very special. It’s the best gift you can ever give them...AND we’re thrilled to hold our classes at Balance & Beam on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings during term time. 

It’s just £19.10 per month which spreads the cost of 36 weeks of classes across a whole calendar year. It works out at £6.37 per class, just give 30 days notice to leave..

Class Times 

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: Toddler/Preschool at 9.45

Tuesday/Thursday: Baby Classes at 10.35, 11.25, 12.10

Friday: Baby Class at 10.35

Any parents wishing to book a Rhythm Time music class for their baby or toddler can visit or contact Jo on 07947 525791.

The importance of going to music classes with your baby

Music is a universal language that everyone loves and understands, but did you know that it is the only activity that can stimulate and activate every part of your baby’s brain?

Contrary to common belief, every child is born musical and as parents, all you have to do is nurture this innate ability. In other words, it is your baby’s environment that will determine how musical they will become.

Lots of simple activities can be done at home with your baby to help stimulate and encourage their development through music. However, being a new mum can be quite lonely so going along to a structured, educational music group will give you, as a parent, confidence and new ideas about what to continue doing at home while socialising and making new friends. Don’t forget that singing also releases the “happy hormone“ so singing together in a group with other mums is really beneficial for everyone.

Making music with others is such a happy, joyful experience and there is no substitute for a child and parent taking part in a live music session. This is because you will both be experiencing music in the here and now and the benefits of being involved for both you and your baby are far reaching.

It’s also never too early to join a baby music class in which you can learn all about how music can help stimulate your baby’s development. For example, Rhythm Time’s award-winning and unique music curriculum involve fun, structured and educational classes that will help you to understand how music can help your child’s development, as well as build their creativity, co-ordination and confidence.

Here are some of the benefits early music-making and singing will bring:

• Singing simple songs to you baby will help develop their speech and language skills. (Your baby will sing before they speak.)

• Songs with actions are great fun but they also stimulate your baby’s auditory development and the actions will help them gain understanding and the meaning of the words.

• Moving and rocking to music will help develop their vestibular system, inner ear and sense of balance.

• Using various props will help stimulate their vision, eye tracking, co-ordination and motor skills.

• Using simple percussion instruments will help develop their listening, small motor skills, co-ordination, sensory awareness, and determination as they try again and again to master playing the instrument.

• Shaking small instruments, such as a maraca, will stimulate your baby’s auditory reflexes and help develop a sense of rhythm and pulse which is very important for language development and creative expression.

• Exercising to music will help strengthen and develop their muscles, while at the same time instilling a sense of pulse, (which is like the heartbeat your baby was listening to in the womb.)

• Playing peekaboo will help to develop their visual memory, listening skills, social interaction, and will give your baby a sense of themselves as being separate from you.

Rhythm Time also offer Young Baby classes specially created for newborns up to 6 months.

These have been specifically designed for infants at this very early stage.

Written by a music teacher who is passionate about the benefits of music for babies and young children, the young baby classes, and older baby classes (6mths to 14mths) include a number of musical activities that will help a child’s early development: Babies can enjoy many multi-sensory activities to music involving equipment such as balls, mirrors, scarves, lycra, sensory blankets, lights, foil and bubbles. All these help to enhance all their senses, which is highly beneficial at this early stage in their development.

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