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Here's another chance to see what we got up to in our last lockdown.  There's lots of 'How To' videos...cartwheels, handstands, rolls, headstands - Take a look and have some Fun!!

Here's our Parent/Child Class 

And Take a look at our pre-school classes

Have a look at a Primary School Class in action

Toddler Activity Video

Try this fun video for parent/child activities or pre schoolers.  You'll need a scarf and a balloon and bat if you have them :)

It's Cool To Be Kind - A Message from Yvonne

Send us your own personal message to let us know what you miss most!

Join Yvonne for her PE Workout / Facebook LIVE video from 12th May (30 mins)

Partner Balances

Have a go at these great balances with Charlotte & her little out for the Bloopers at the end!

Grace's Jumps & Leaps - Take a look at some of the various jumps and leaps you can do.  Once you've got the hang of them try them in a stright line as if you were on a narrow beam.  You could put a chalk line on the ground or put a thin towel down to 'balance' on

Charlotte & Grace's Balancing Acts

It's All About the boys!

Luke's Handstand Tutorial - Learn how to do a proper handstand with Luke's advice

Luke's Handstand Tutorial

Parent/Child Stick Activity - Have some fun with your little ones trying our stick activity

Parent/Child Sticks Movement Challenge

Alphabet Challenge - Click on the link below to see our full A - Z challenge then try spell out your name, or your mum or dad's name or days of the week....there's no end to the words you can spell!!

Yvonne's Alphabet Challenge

Team Work Tuesdays

Have fun with our obstacle challenge ideas

Parent/Child Donkey Kick - This is a very beginner handstand for very little people - try it in the safety of your own home or garden

Parent/Child Donkey Kick

Hoola Hoop Movement Challenge - Great fine motor skill development for the fingers rolling and twirling the hoop

Hoola Hoop Movement Challenge

Get ready for Charlotte's Stretching Session

Charlotte's Stretch Video

How To Do A Backward Roll & Some Conditioning from Luke

Watch Luke's excellent video.  Make sure you work your way through the various steps have a nice soft surface to protect your neck....don't try any activity until you are ready...we want you guys to stay safe!!

How To Do A Backward Roll

How to do a Bridge

Try this great Max Whitlock Workout

Max Whitlock Workout

Toddler Challenge - Overhead Backward Throw Overhead Backward Throw

Frog Balance

Try This Frog Balance - It's one of the BG Badge Skills

Monkey Jump (Beginner Cartwheel) Learn how to do a cartwheel for very little people

Cartwheel Demo

Watch Luke & Grace demonstrating cartwheels

Headstand Demo

Learn How to do an amazing Headstand with Charlotte & brother, Jake - Followed by a Shoulder Stand!

Pirate Warm Up 'LIVE'

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