Primary School Gymnastics

Class Timetable from 2nd September 2019 - 17th February 2020

Primary School: 6 - 12 Years - Class Duration: 1 Hour Class

Our Primary school gymnastics is broken down into 3 categories with Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced groups. All classes are taught in a non-competitive setting at a grass roots levels. Skill progressions are developed on a week to week basis. Tumbling, vaulting, obstacle challenges & aerobic activities help to build physical fitness and an "I can do it" ethos also helps build confidence & self esteem. 

The price for the full term is £296 for 21 classes. Fees are pro-rated as and when you join and we also offer instalment options to spread the payments over the term. For updated prices click on Club News

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Crazy Jacks
5-8 Years
   5.10pm 4.10pm    


Jumping Jacks
Beginner 6-12 Years


(8 Yrs +)

5.15pm  5.15pm     5.10pm

2.30pm (8 yrs +)

Flic Flacs
Advanced (Invite)
   7.20pm  6.20pm   6.20pm     1.30pm    
Mini Flips (Invite) 8.30am
High Flyers (Invite)
Invite Only
         Squad 7.30pm      9.30am

Weekly Themes

Date Week Activity
w. c. 02.02-19 Week 1 WOW
w. c. 09.09-19 Week 2 Body Positions
w. c. 16.09-19 Week 3 It's FUN to be FIT!
w. c. 23.09-19 Week 4 It's Cool to be Kind! (MacMillans)
w. c. 30-09-19 Week 5 Jungle Run
w. c. 07.10-19 Week 6 Backwards
w. c. 14.10-19 Week 7 Upside Down
w. c. 21.10-19 Week 8 Balancing Act
w. c. 28.10-19 No Classes


w. c. 04.11-19 Week 9 Combination Celebrations
w. c. 11.11-19 Week 10 Enchanted
w. c. 18.11-19 Week 11 Crazy Feet
w. c. 25.11-19 Week 12 YeeHaa !
w. c. 02.12-19 Week 13Dino Land
w. c. 09.12-19 Week 14 Crazy Handstands
w. c. 16.12-19 Week 15

Christmas Fun

w. c. 23.12-19
w. c. 30.12.19 CLOSED
w. c. 06.01.20 Week 16 Super Fast Action
w. c. 13.01.20 Week 17Beach Party
w. c. 20.01.20 Week 18 Greased Lightning
w. c. 27.01.20 Week 19 Space Jam
w. c. 03.02.20Week 20Practice Makes Perfect
w. c. 10.02.20Week 21SHOW WEEK

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