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Welcome to Balance & Beam offering a gymnastics-based child development programme for children from 4 months to 12 years. Situated on Festival Park, next door to Waterworld we are in our 12th year and going from strength to strength. We have a wealth of experience building confidence and self esteem in children of all ages through our child development programme and have well over 500 children coming to classes on a weekly basis.

Using imagination, creativity, themed lesson plans and extremely motivating & encouraging instructors, children thrive in our non threatening purpose-built gym and with small class sizes, children receive individual attention and skill progressions develop week by week over the course of a term.

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Free trials are conducted during our regular classes so that you can experience exactly what we have to offer. They are completely no obligation and our members tell us this really helped when making their decision.

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Our Autumn term starts w/c 2nd September and runs through to 17th February 2020    You can arrange your  free taster session by calling 01782 214452 or emailing us at info@balanceandbeam.co.uk.Classes are already starting to fill up so please don't leave it too late.  Send us an enquiry NOW especially for our parent/child & pre-school classes; our little people have so much fun and we want more of them to have even more fun!Why not use the last two weeks of our summer term to book your free taster session ready for the start of the new term.Classes over summer are..Parent/Child..Wednesday/Friday 10.45-11.30 & Saturday 9.00-9.45Pre-school..Wednesday (3-5 years) 4.35-5.35 Saturday 9.50-10.50Grade School.. (5 years +) Wednesday 5.40-6.40 Saturday 11-12The price for the full Autumn term is £296 for 21 classes.  Price plans as follows:£95 Deposit & Balance at the end of September of £201£95 Deposit and 4 monthly payments of £58.50 (Sep - Dec)Annual family membership of £35 applies - which covers you for insurance in the gym and gives you the ability to swap & change classes should you have to cancel through illness or holidays, free parking plus other member discounts & benefitsFor term time & class information please go to – Parent child (4 months - 3 years), Pre-school (3 years - 6 years), Primary School (6+ years)To book your free trial class or for further information please call us on 01782 214452 or fill in the Contact Form https://www.balanceandbeam.co.uk/contactClick through to our youtube channel to listen / see some of our testimonials www.youtube.com/balanceandbeamCheck out our facebook page to see what we get up to in class & read our testimonials. www.facebook.com/balanceandbeamPlease contact us on 01782 214452 or by email info@balanceandbeam.co.uk to book your free trial or for more information

Regular Exercise Helps In ALL Areas Of A Child’s Development

In our fast paced world, many children are struggling to cope emotionally so the importance of focusing on our children’s health both emotional and physical is huge. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes us all feel happy and less stressed and this is also true for children.Exercise, Confidence & Self-esteemIt can be hard for us all to be confidence around others, and this is the same for our children. We understand that all children are different and it is normal that some children feel nervous around others at times, but having a lack of confidence in all social situations can lead to diagnosable problems such as anxiety in the future.Confident children achieve more, develop better relationships and embrace opportunities in life.Our classes help to build confidence in children. All our professionally designed child development classes allows children to build confidence as they achieve new skills, whilst also building their social skills around their peers.Age specific sessions allow children time to build friendships, making our classes both a social and physical activity. Children build healthy relationships with their peers, which are skills that are essential for their future.Our small student/teacher ratio means all children receive individual attention, helping them achieve their own personal little goals which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem.Let us help your child Cartwheel into a Happy Healthy Life… Book your FREE trial session today.

Calling all Babies - 4 months - walking!

Babies can enjoy dedicated exercise classes just as much as their older peers at Balance & Beam. Designed to stimulate and promote core physical activity from an early age, your baby will develop a dynamic awareness of their surroundings. Guided by music and rhythm designed to kindle their little senses and advance motor-skill development.Classes are available for babies from just 4 months old and are completely instructor led. Programmes run weekly on Fridays and we offer a free taster session so you get to see what happens in one of our classes.Although all classes are designed for children, Balance and Beam help to grow a great social environment for new mums and dads to learn more about their little bundles of fun as they actively participate in classes – sometimes they have more fun than the children!Our special introductory offer for only £130 for a 10-week course includes £35 annual family membership.Call us now for more information and to secure your baby’s place on 01782 214452.Terms and Conditions: Rolling Term start NOWA full programme is for 10 classesAnnual family membership is included in this offerFree trial session available 

Need A New Class?

Need a New Class ? We're Here to Help!All children benefit from Routine and Structure Children really thrive on routine and continuing with their regular gym class will not only be beneficial to them but also family life, as their class here at Balance & Beam will be giving them the opportunity to have lots of fun and burn off some steam after a long day at school and conforming in class.If any of our members are concerned about their current class time becoming unsuitable due to children starting nursery or school, a member of our team will discuss other day and time options available to you.

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