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Welcome to Balance & Beam offering a gymnastics-based child development programme for children from 4 months to 12 years. Situated on Festival Park, next door to Waterworld we are in our 12th year and going from strength to strength. We have a wealth of experience building confidence and self esteem in children of all ages through our child development programme and have well over 500 children coming to classes on a weekly basis.

Using imagination, creativity, themed lesson plans and extremely motivating & encouraging instructors, children thrive in our non threatening purpose-built gym and with small class sizes, children receive individual attention and skill progressions develop week by week over the course of a term.

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Here's another chance to see what we got up to in our last lockdown.  There's lots of 'How To' videos...cartwheels, handstands, rolls, headstands - Take a look and have some Fun!!Here's our Parent/Child Class And Take a look at our pre-school classesHave a look at a Primary School Class in actionToddler Activity VideoTry this fun video for parent/child activities or pre schoolers.  You'll need a scarf and a balloon and bat if you have them :)It's Cool To Be Kind - A Message from YvonneSend us your own personal message to let us know what you miss most!Join Yvonne for her PE Workout / Facebook LIVE video from 12th May (30 mins)Partner BalancesHave a go at these great balances with Charlotte & her little brother...watch out for the Bloopers at the end!Grace's Jumps & Leaps - Take a look at some of the various jumps and leaps you can do.  Once you've got the hang of them try them in a stright line as if you were on a narrow beam.  You could put a chalk line on the ground or put a thin towel down to 'balance' onCharlotte & Grace's Balancing ActsIt's All About the boys!Luke's Handstand Tutorial - Learn how to do a proper handstand with Luke's adviceLuke's Handstand TutorialParent/Child Stick Activity - Have some fun with your little ones trying our stick activityParent/Child Sticks Movement ChallengeAlphabet Challenge - Click on the link below to see our full A - Z challenge then try spell out your name, or your mum or dad's name or days of the week....there's no end to the words you can spell!!Yvonne's Alphabet ChallengeTeam Work TuesdaysHave fun with our obstacle challenge ideasParent/Child Donkey Kick - This is a very beginner handstand for very little people - try it in the safety of your own home or gardenParent/Child Donkey KickHoola Hoop Movement Challenge - Great fine motor skill development for the fingers rolling and twirling the hoopHoola Hoop Movement ChallengeGet ready for Charlotte's Stretching SessionCharlotte's Stretch VideoHow To Do A Backward Roll & Some Conditioning from LukeWatch Luke's excellent video.  Make sure you work your way through the various steps have a nice soft surface to protect your neck....don't try any activity until you are ready...we want you guys to stay safe!!How To Do A Backward RollHow to do a BridgeTry this great Max Whitlock WorkoutMax Whitlock WorkoutToddler Challenge - Overhead Backward Throw Overhead Backward ThrowFrog BalanceTry This Frog Balance - It's one of the BG Badge SkillsMonkey Jump (Beginner Cartwheel) Learn how to do a cartwheel for very little peopleCartwheel DemoWatch Luke & Grace demonstrating cartwheelsHeadstand DemoLearn How to do an amazing Headstand with Charlotte & brother, Jake - Followed by a Shoulder Stand!Pirate Warm Up 'LIVE'https://www.facebook.com/BalanceAndBeam/videos/593...

Balance & Beam Is Going Virtual AGAIN !

We’re very excited to tell you that we are becoming ‘virtual’ again and over these next few weeks we will be adding activities to our Facebook, Instagram & website pagesFrom Monday, 11th January 2021 we will be showing you some great ideas to help inspire your little people into getting more active but it’s not just for them, we want you all to participate and have lots of fun too!I realise more children are at schools or still in nursery this lockdown so we will try and do some 'out of school time' activities for the school age children.  BUT if you can't make it for the live sessions you can always watch them later in your own timeSo look out for some Facebook Live Action and some ‘how to’ videos & Movement challenges'We want to give you a range of activities that not only help the physical skills but also work on fine and gross motor skills, balance & co-ordinationSo keep a check on our Facebook Page for times and days Just one final little bit… We do take health & safety very seriously at the gym, so in our ‘virtual gym’ you will need to make sure you take care when you’re practicing these skills in and around the houseRemember, we want all you guys to stay safe and well. Please make sure that you have enough space around you to do the activities safely. DON’T try anything that you don’t feel able to do. Parents, this is a BIG one for you, please remember that most of you are not ‘coaches’ so don’t get the kids to try triple flips or back somersaults (it’s not safe OK). Get the kids to know & understand their own limitations. Start small and grow – that’s the Balance & Beam way!. These activities are meant to be FUN challenges!So.....Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for times of our live events and challenges.

Gym Temporarily Closed From 5th January 2021

Unfortunately and in line with the Government's most recent guidelines we have closed our doors againWe really do hope this won't be for too longPlease keep checking our Facebook page for updatesYou can also email us on info@balanceandbeam.co.ukStay Safe, Observe the rules & Help Our NHS

Latest COVID 19 Update - 23rd December 2020

COVID-19 What we are doingDear MembersAs valued customers we want to keep you updated and reassure you on the important steps we continue to take to help minimise the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19.We continue to follow and monitor official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/Ireland carefully. We receive regular advice and updates from our health and safety consultants and use this information to ensure we are doing all that is possible and advised to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.The health and well-being of our customers and staff is our primary concern. We recognise it is vitally important for us to have policies and procedures in place to support this concern.Here’s What We Are Doing:Educating our staff on prevention, both personal prevention techniques and customer prevention techniquesMonitoring our staff and ensuring that no staff members in the building are at work with the virus or symptoms.We are fortunate that no member of the team has recently returned from abroad Emphasising and promoting the need for frequent and proper hand washing (20 seconds minimum), both to staff and to customers, ensuring that all our facilities are fully stocked with soap & paper towelsEnhancing our already robust cleaning procedures, with particular focus on regularly cleaning and sanitising the contact points that people touch more frequently (door handles, pull cords, light switches, gym equipment etc)Encouraging customers (parents & children) to help us by ensuring they are washing their hands as soon as they enter our facilities We have several hand sanitizing locations around the buildingWorking with consultants to receive advice and support.Use Our Facilities WITH Confidence: Your health and safety is our highest priority and we truly appreciate the trust that you place in our team and our company.Finally, thank you for your continued support and we are delighted that you have confidence in our procedures to ensure you are in as controlled environment as you could be! Boosting one’s immune system through activity is a key tool to help combat COVID-19, exercising will help provide that boost!

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Temporarily Closed Again – we will keep you updated via our Facebook page