About Balance & Beam

Nurturing happy, healthy children with movement, curiosity and fun since 2006

Guiding young children and inspiring them to achieve magnificence in life

Gymnastics-based child development programmes at Balance & Beam incorporate the EYFS Key Stage 1 & 2 Framework. But it’s not all about education and following instructions! The purpose-built gym provides a fun-filled, creative learning and physically active environment to help your little ones cartwheel into a happy, healthy life.

Hi, I’m Yvonne.

It was always my dream to open a gym for little ones and positively influence their lives – and their parents’ lives too.

Launching Balance & Beam in 2006 supported my vision of nurturing thousands of children to be happier and healthier through physical activity and positive mental wellbeing development.

Living a sporty, healthy life has always been one of my essential values. With three wonderful grown-up children and three adorable grandchildren, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact an active, healthy lifestyle has on children and adults.

Healthy active children = healthy active adults.

I’m continually reminded by the lovely parents who bring their children to the gym what a real difference our unique child development classes make to their children’s lives – and their own.

Every day at Balance & Beam brings heaps of fun. The dynamic learning environment and energetic activities have everyone buzzing and there are always new opportunities and successes to be celebrated. 

The team and I are genuinely inspired and privileged to share our love for physical activity and mental wellbeing. Knowing you’ve supported thousands of children and their parents to be happier and healthier is a beautiful feeling. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the gym.

Balance & Beam Founder

Choose an age-appropriate programme to learn more

Your child is welcome to join a Balance & Beam Programme at any age or time. Starting a new activity, regardless of age, can be daunting for parents as well as children. A free trial session will help your little one to experience the stimulating learning environment first-hand. Watch how they react and talk to our coaches before making an informed decision about enrolling.

At Balance & Beam, even the shyest children have overcome their fear of failure and some of the liveliest have channelled their energy into a positive outcome. They progress in leaps and bounds through motivation, physical motor skill development and cognitive learning. All coaches are well equipped to support children with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, hypermobile joints and coordination difficulties. 

Small classes enable coaches to dedicate time to each and every child by showing them how to listen, share, take turns and positively interact with others.

Learning essential life skills, such as turn-taking, sharing and following instruction, encourages healthy habits, respect for others and builds self-confidence. Blending gymnastics-led activities with life skills is a fun, exciting way for your little ones to flourish. 

Balance & Beam operates strict standards for cleanliness and daily equipment inspections for health and safety.

Watch them Balance. See them Beam.