Primary School Programmes

Promoting functional fitness and increased responsibility

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Energetic gymnastic classes including tumbling, vaulting and bar activities to develop core strength, balance, coordination and teamwork challenges to boost confidence.

Primary School classes focus on progressing strength, balance and coordination through energetic exercise and collaborative fun. Tumbling, vaulting, obstacle challenges and aerobic activities continue to boost physical fitness and a ‘can-do’ attitude, which encourage self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

Themed, coach-led classes promote independence and teamwork by developing ideas and innovation through social stimulation. Your child is encouraged to discover healthy ways to seek out information, make positive choices and embrace their individuality. As they find themselves in situations demanding increased responsibility, Balance & Beam classes support them in transitioning into adulthood and progressing through education.

There are three Primary School Programmes to choose from. All classes are age-appropriate to ensure your child benefits from activities tailored to their age and development.

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Junior Jacks

6 to 8 Years

The Junior Jacks Programme encourages children of all abilities to develop their confidence and physical exercise skills in a structured, playful learning environment. Qualified coaches challenge your child to push their boundaries and encourage them to celebrate all successes.

The age bracket for Junior Jacks classes is purposely kept low for the comfort and confidence of the children.

Energetic gymnastics-led activities develop physical strength, balance, coordination and coherence. Interactive fun and stimulating imagination are vital in motivating children at this age. A holistic approach blending physical development and mental wellbeing embeds all learning and supports a wholesome attitude to learning.

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Jumping Jacks

6 to 12 Years

The Jumping Jacks Programme supports children who are ready to take on the challenge of higher learning in gymnastics-led activities. Younger Balance & Beam members will see a big difference in the structure of classes with more gymnastics-based skills, including line tumbling and stretching to flex out their muscles.

This class is also suitable for new entry level gymnasts. Confidence in ability and individual self-esteem are high in these classes because children are invested in developing their physical and mental skills and can see the benefits. 

Lively physical conditioning exercises and adventurous activities are encouraged as your child is less afraid of bumps and bangs in pursuit of perfecting their moves. Collaborative teamwork and personal development run hand in hand as the intensity of gymnastics increases.

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Flic Flacs

Intermediate/Advanced (7 Years +)
Invite Only

The Flic Flacs Programme supports children who want to improve their skills, increase their flexibility and try out bold new gymnastics moves. This class is available to any Jumping Jacks child who shows an excellent standard of gymnastics ability and displays physical strength and an eagerness to learn.

Your child has the ability and confidence to take on the vault, bar, beam and floor with more risk-taking exercises. They love to be challenged and have the physical stamina and strength to perform structured routines individually or as part of a collaborative group.

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Primary School Classes

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Small class sizes provide an encouraging space to build confidence through dynamic learning and functional fitness.

  • Qualified, friendly coaches
  • Never miss a class!
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) EYFS Key Stage 1 & 2 Framework
  • Theme-based classes filled with dynamic learning and functional fitness 
  • Purpose-built gym facilities
  • Large, seated viewing area
  • Ofsted registered venue
  • Free parking (number plate input required)
  • Childcare vouchers and tax-free credits accepted

Regular Show Week sessions occur where parents, grandparents and carers can venture onto the gym floor and express plenty of encouraging oohs and aahs as the children demonstrate the skills they have learnt. 

Once your child reaches 12 years old, our Team can signpost you to various activities and organisations to advance their functional fitness and mental wellbeing foundations built at Balance & Beam. 

Primary School Programmes run seven days a week. Check out the timetable below to find a class that suits your schedule and click on a class below to book a free trial.