Pre-School Programmes

Exploring imagination and discovering independence

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Engaging, active coach-led gymnastics classes encourage wholesome habits, independence and positive socialisation to improve confidence, embrace structure and prepare for school.

Pre-School classes build on your little one’s growing thirst for knowledge and energetic exploration. During this incredible learning and development period, children and adults can encounter separation anxiety, so nurturing healthy, happy independence is vital. 

Balance & Beam coaches encourage gross motor skill development (whole body movement and flexibility) for running, skipping and climbing, and fine motor skill for coordination.

Classes provide oodles of creative stimulation to support wild imaginations and the safe discovery of independence.

Physical activities and intellectual learning games bolster the understanding of sharing, privacy, rules and respectful communication when interacting with friends and adults.

There are three Pre-School Programmes to choose from. All classes are age-appropriate to ensure your little one benefits from activities tailored to their age and development. 

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3 to 4 Years

The Butterflies Programme offers your child a safe space to release their boundless energy by running, jumping, balancing and bouncing. Even if they already attend nursery or pre-school, Butterflies classes further stimulate your little one’s curiosity and help build self-confidence.

Hands-on interactive coach-led classes are full of creativity to promote healthy inquisitiveness and support emotional development. Themed playtime introduces energetic and physically challenging gymnastics to build strength, coordination and flexibility.

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Wiggly Worms

4 to 5 Years

The Wiggly Worms Programme embeds the routines and good habits established during schooltime and at home while providing a supportive and safe environment to burn off excess energy. Classes are fun and engaging promoting vital listening, risk-taking, turn-taking and problem-solving skills.

Exciting weekly themes keep your little one engaged as our qualified coaches encourage pushing the boundaries of movement exploration. Exhilarating cartwheels, running, jumping and rolling deliver ample giggles, strengthening core physique and entrenching positive self-esteem.

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Speedy Spiders

5 to 6 Years

The Speedy Spiders Programme harnesses your child’s learning enthusiasm and builds confidence through physical interactive fun. Your little one can still be shy and anxious at this age but they also love and respond to praise, so high-fiving everyone is enthusiastically encouraged.

Physical activities are stepped up a notch by introducing more challenging gymnastics-based skills and complex instructions. Children are now more aware of each other which makes team activities lively and rewarding as they learn about motivation and healthy competition. 

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Pre-School Programmes

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Small class sizes provide an encouraging space to build confidence through structured play and sensory learning.

Regular Show Week sessions occur where parents, grandparents and carers can venture onto the gym floor and express plenty of encouraging oohs and aahs as the children demonstrate the skills they have learnt. 

Once your child is old enough, they will progress onto the Primary School Programme, where they will explore ideas, innovation and social stimulation alongside energetic gymnastics-led functional fitness.

Pre-School Programmes run seven days a week. Check out the timetable below to find a class that suits your schedule and click on a class below to book a free trial.