Parent & Child Programmes

Movement for positive development

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Interactive parent & child themed classes filled with music, movement and constructive games to nurture strength, awareness and curiosity for life.

Parent & Child classes incorporate an element of structure to gain the most out of building habits and positive routines. Balance & Beam coaches work alongside you and your child in the gym to encourage fine motor skill development (the tiny muscles that help control hand and finger, mouth and eye movement). Classes use upbeat music and foster learning through structured play with balls, bats, hoops, bubbles and obstacles.

Engaging sensory play inspires little ones to explore language and communication skills in a safe environment while building awareness of emotional boundaries. Every class uses interactive fun as the foundation for gaining the best out of your child’s development. 

There are three Parent & Child Programmes to choose from. All classes are age-appropriate to ensure your little one benefits from activities tailored to their age and development. 

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Baby Bugs

4 Months to Walking

The Baby Bugs Programme includes activities designed to stimulate and promote physical movement while developing an awareness of surroundings.

Classes are adventurous with motivational music and flowing motion.

You’ll learn to confidently hold and support your baby while they explore movement through fun rolls and rotations, bar swings and upside-down tumbles. The enjoyable classes are a brilliant way to spend quality time with your little ones.  

Being new parents can be daunting. Joining Balance & Beam offers a brilliant way to get out of the house, meet new friends and provide your baby with a positive, nurturing and physical learning environment.

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Walking to 24 Months

The Ladybirds Programme offers fun, physical warm-ups including walking, running, jumping, galloping and turning upside down to encourage fine motor skill development.

Exploratory time in the gym will see your little one stretch high on two feet and seek to investigate their surroundings. Energetic group activities introduce physical and sensory play with parachutes, sticks, scarves and tumble track to boost balance and coordination.

Weekly themed classes include cheerful tunes and positive praise to support movement and synchronisation. As your child is a little older, they are encouraged to discover gym apparatus and taught how to use equipment safely.

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24 to 36 Months

The Caterpillars Programme helps to prepare your little one for courageous challenges now they are fully mobile and curious about the big wide World.

Friendly coaches will support your child to roll independently, reach for the bars and swing as they learn to stabilise their bodies. They will learn how to balance on the beam and master coordinated movements.

Personalities start to develop at this age, and your little one may become a little challenging as their enthusiasm grows! Pulling your strings and testing your patience will undoubtedly be familiar as they become more aware of the outcomes of their actions. Fortunately, the Caterpillars Programme is here to get them back on track and instil boundaries and structure on your terms and not theirs – while still having heaps of fun.

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Parent & Child Programmes

Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Small class sizes provide an encouraging space to build confidence through playful enquiry and sensory learning.

  • Theme-based classes filled with active learning and physical play
  • Interactive fun delivered by qualified, friendly coaches
  • Never miss a class!
  • Pushchair friendly venue
  • Baby changing amenities
  • Purpose-built gym facilities
  • Large, seated viewing area
  • Ofsted registered venue
  • Free parking (number plate input required)
  • Childcare vouchers and tax-free credits accepted

Regular Show Week sessions occur where parents, grandparents and carers can venture onto the gym floor and express plenty of encouraging oohs and aahs as the children demonstrate the skills they have learnt. 

Once your child is old enough, they will progress onto the Pre-School Programme and venture into the gym without their parents. In Pre-School classes they will explore imagination and discover independence with gymnastics-led physical activity and mental stimulus.   

Parent & Child Programmes run seven days a week. Check out the timetable below to find a class that suits your schedule and click on a class below to book a free trial.