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Balance & Beam Awards Scheme

Balance & Beam Gymnastics devised their own in-house Awards Scheme for children from 3 years and up in 2020.  They have been very well received and it's exciting to see that many children are moving through the various Awards.

Badge week marking has been taking place w/c 15th & w/c 20th June ready for presentations at the end of this term w/c 18th July in our Show Week

We like to celebrate all achievements so as well as each child receiving an End of Term Certificate, if they have also chosen to receive our in-house awards they will be presented at the end of our Show Week at the same time.

To clarify

For our younger members (Age 3 - 5 Years) will be working on our Safari Awards starting with our Snake Award & then their 2nd Badge which is the Hippo & then Tiger

Our 6 - 12 Year olds (Primary School Classes) will be doing their Badge 8 & Badge 7, 6 etc

Our Advanced / Flic Flacs & Mini Flips Classes will be doing Badge 4, Badge 3, Badge 2 etc.

All badge marking is done in our regular classes and built into our lesson planning so the children in the main, most probably won't realise they are being assessed.  We may ask parents to help them with a specific skill at home, if they are not quite there yet but we will always let you know well in advance of them being presented to make sure we can tick that box to help them pass.

Please let us know if you have any questions

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