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Our Cancellation / Make Up Policy

Our Cancellation/Make-up Policy

Don’t lose any of your paid for classes!

Part of your annual membership fee at Balance & Beam is access to our cancellation/make-up policy.

So remember if you cannot attend your class for whatever reason follow the cancellation procedure and never lose a class. 

To qualify for a make-up class you MUST advise us of your absence in advance or latest 9.00am of the morning of your scheduled class. (8.30am for Saturday Parent/child classes)

We will then cancel your scheduled class and you can book a catch up session.

If we are coming to the end of term, you will be allowed to carry 2 cancelled classes forward to the new term AS LONG AS you have re-enrolled & paid for the new term.  Unfortunately we can not allow carry forward classes but will make every attempt to fit your catch up classes during the current term. 

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