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Balance & Beam Gymnastics offer group sessions during the day or on Sundays either as a one-off session or on a regular basis.

Maybe you are looking for an extra PE session to help develop your year group. 

We guarantee it will be stress free for teachers / carers and amazing FUN for the children.

Each 1 hour session will be action packed with warm ups, group activities, time on the equipment and will help develop their gross & fine motor skills as well as risk taking, problem solving skills, socialising with their peers and learning how to share, take turns and play nicely together.  An art a few children have lost Post Covid.

You could be:

  • A Nursery, Pre School, Primary School
  • You may want a one off session or looking to book a term's worth.  
  • You may be looking for an end of term Rewards day 
  • You may be looking after Beavers or Cubs groups

These are just some ideas that may resonate with you and we'd love to help out

Our school group activity sessions are a great opportunity to get children out of the classroom enjoying some physical fun.

We are OFSTED registered and a full risk assessment policy will be provided for every visit.

We can accommodate groups of up to 30 children and these visits are suitable for children from 3 years up to 8.

Your visit will be led by our fully qualified instructors ensuring activities are always safe structured and suitable for each individual group visit.

Each of our sessions will help children develop motor skills, with activities such as running, jumping, skipping, hopping and galloping.

Children will be given the opportunity to experience all the equipment in the gym. Learning how to do forward rolls and trying cartwheels on the mats. Building muscle strength on the bars with swings, hangs and rotations and trying skills on the beam.

All this is achieved in a fun filled hours session (or longer if required).

Our school group visits are also a great opportunity for teaching staff to pick up ideas for their own physical activity sessions within school

At the end of each visit all the children will be served juice /or water and biscuits.

A real fun filled outing for everyone.

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