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Hi Balance and Beam

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving Dylan such a fantastic 3rd birthday party. He had an awesome time and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves too. Ellie and Aleysha were absolutely brilliant and the two hours went so fast. All the children enjoyed themselves from the oldest (13) to the youngest (2). There was so much fun and laughter, we could just sit back and watch all the children have a wonderful time.

Thank you so much for a fantastic, brilliant, amazing, memorable, relaxing, tremendous, totally epic birthday party. Dylan often talks about all the fun and all his friends had at his party.

It brought back many happy memories from when Grace had her 5th birthday party with you all those years ago!!  It is still just as brilliant.

Thank you again.

Best wishes Jack xxxx

"My daughter started at Balance and Beam just 2 months ago and in only 9 sessions her development is amazing.   She can now jump on her own with both feet leaving the floor, swing with only minimal support from the bars and hoops, walk independently across the balance beam and her forward roll is getting better every week.  We both love heading out on a Saturday morning for the class - thank you to all at Balance and Beam for making it such an enjoyable and rewarding experience."  Hele', mummy to Jessica

"Just wanted to let you know how much your classes have helped to boost Riona's confidence - it is really amazing.  There's a huge difference to your classes than others, like how you talk through things with the children and communicate what's happening in class, keeping smaller groups, taking care when they are upset, being gentle all the time.  I can go on an on.  Big thank you anyway."  Suja, mum to Riona, aged 7.


“I've always thought it imperative to ensure our children receive a balanced approach to child care, I'm pleased to say both son and daughter were cared for by my wife, mother and a nursery during their early stages.  My eldest daughter, Ava took to Balance & Beam classes with natural enthusiasm and by choice asks to attend the holiday camps too, however my cheeky little son has some shy tendencies. We took the same approach to childcare with him and I am really pleased to say that the addition of Balance & Beam classes is enabling him to come out of his shell with strangers and new children each week. Other people are now able to meet the real Joel!   

On reflection I've changed my approach to childcare to include Balance & Beam!  For me Balance & Beam is now one of four core elements of care / socialisation for a toddler in their early stages.  Exercise, strength and learning things in a class environment - the holiday/activity camps are all obvious extra bonuses.

Thanks Balance & Beam, I couldn't be more pleased with a hobby type class for my kids”.  Martin, dad to Ava, 5 & Joel 2

Members since 2013


“Would like to say a HUGE thank you for Macy's birthday party on Sunday, Mel and Ellie are a credit to Balance & Beam, so welcoming and organised, and generally lovely girls, really kept the children engaged, all the children had a lovely time and were asking their parents if they could come again, all the parents were impressed how lovely the gym was and just how fab the instructors were. Macy loved every minute, best party ever, so thank you again, especially to your lovely girls Mel and Ellie xx” Kelly, mummy to Macy aged 4

"Our daughter, Millie joined Balance and Beam almost four years ago. Over the last four years it has been wonderful to watch her develop, many of the initial skills she has been taught not only support her development in so many other aspects of her life; walking, balance and co ordination but have also taught her how to stay safe and lower herself off objects she may have climbed onto. At home she often practises the skills she is being taught in class and it is wonderful to see the bond she has with the instructors. I love the structure of the classes, each week has an engaging theme and builds upon the skills introduced over the term. Overall I have been so pleased we chose to come to classes here, each week she amazes me, as she gets older she seems to pick up skills faster. Whether it's walking or forward rolling on the beam, somersaulting  on the bars or simply following instructions on the floor. She enjoys every minute and it's been a pleasure to watch.

Millie particularly enjoys the holiday camps, where she gets to meet new people, carry out various activities throughout the day as well as get to spend even longer in the gym, which she loves!

Thank you Balance and Beam, Scott and Jill, parents to Millie (member since May 2012)