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Usborne Books Available Here!

Hi! I’m Georgie and I’ve been attending Balance and Beam with my son Huw, since he was 4mths old. Over the last 2 years B&B has become a part of our family and a place where I’ve found the greatest confidence in my abilities as a first time mum. In recent months I have taken the leap to become an Independent Usborne Organiser and would like to make you aware of the opportunities I can offer.From First baby books, to activity books, to the latest fiction for all ages, I can provide something for everyone.If you wish to host a private event either for friends and family such as birthdays, baby showers or a pop up stall at your organisation or school, I can and will bring lots of enthusiasm to go with it. Let me know any specific requirements for your event be it Book Fair, Curriculum projects or PTA event, and I will be happy to tailor my stand to meet your needs. Most importantly, I will promote a real love of literacy and reading to everyone who attendsIf you’d like to order a book or know more about what I can do for you, please pick up a leaflet from inside the gym or drop me a line via my contact details below Facebook: Georgina Wardle, Independent Usborne OrganiserVisit my site: Georgie's Marvellous BooksContact me by email:

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Manners Cost Nothing

Making a Difference to Children’s livesOur Child Development Programme can help make a REAL difference to children both Physically and Emotionally.We let all our members hear a lot of “Please,” “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” and “Excuse me” as we interact with them throughout the class.And we always address your little person with the same politeness we would an adult.Every one of our sessions is carefully planned to teach your child to understand that they need to Share, Turn Take and be Considerate to their peers. This will help your child not only in class but in all aspects of their life.The physical element of our programme is delivered through Non-competitive gymnastics and is designed to Build physical skills week by week giving all our members the opportunity to shine as they build their skills . Most of all your child will be having lots of FUN whilst learning all these important Life Skills.We have various age appropriate classes to choose from starting from classes suitable for babies from 4 months through to 12 years. If you have a little person who would benefit from being part of our Wonderful Programme we would love to hear from you. Similarly if you know a family with children please forward this email on to them.We are so confident in our programme we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION TRIAL to everyone, giving you and your child the opportunity to experience one of our fun filled sessions for yourselves .Balance and Beam “Helping little people cartwheel into a Happy Healthy Life”

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STRESS FREE… GROUP OUTING!! YES the two statements do go together when you book your event at Balance & Beam. Why not come and spend a lively morning/afternoon with usWe guarantee every event will be stress free for you and amazing fun for children.If you are looking for a fun, action packed group activity for your Pre School, Primary School & Club then our group booking packages are the perfect solution to your reward day needs.Our school group activity sessions are a great opportunity to get children out of the classroom enjoying some physical fun.Group visits are ideal as a school reward day or a team building day for childrenWe are OFSTED registered and a full risk assessment policy will be provided for every visit. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 children and these visits are suitable for primary school children up to year 3. Your visit will be led by our fully qualified instructors ensuring activities are always safe structured and suitable for each individual group visit. Each of our sessions will help children develop motor skills, with activities such as running, jumping, skipping, hopping and galloping.Children will be given the opportunity to experience all the equipment in the gym. Learning how to do forward rolls and trying cartwheels on the mats. Building muscle strength on the bars with swings, hangs and rotations and trying skills on the beam.All this is achieved in a fun filled hour and a half session.Our school group visits are also a great opportunity for teaching staff to pick up ideas for their own physical activity sessions within school At the end of each visit all the children will be served juice /or water and biscuits.A real fun filled outing for everyone.

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Why regular exercise is important for EVERY child....

Balance & Beam… Making a Difference to the lives of 100s of childrenEncouraging young children to do regular physical activities is encouraging them to have a HEALTHY BODY IMAGE and is also helping them to have a POSITIVE MENTAL OUTLOOK. Regular physical activity is also great to:Make them feel HAPPIERHelp maintain a HEALTHY WEIGHT Good for the development of HEALTHY MUSCLES and BONESHelps increase their ENERGY LEVELSIt can reduce their risk of developing CHRONIC DISEASESIt can help their BRAIN HEALTH and MEMORYIt can help with their RELAXATION and SLEEP QUALITYBook a FREE trial session and see for yourself the difference our sessions make to your child.Balance & Beam… So much more than a gymnastic class

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New £40k investment means children CAN cartwheel into a Happy, Healthy Life

Latest investment will help all our current and future members to continue to develop during unique weekly Child Development Sessions.Our new equipment will also help to encourage more boys to join our club and enjoy the benefits of being part of our Balance & Beam family as we introduce some functional fitness sessions into our classes. We are aware that too much time in front of screens and a sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on our children’s wellbeing. This is why our aim at Balance & Beam has always been to introduce as many children as possible to live a healthy life through regular fun exercise and help to challenge them to meet their own personal little milestones . We have seen thousands of children and their families gain so much from our programme over the last 13 years and believe our continued investment will help us to continue to help local children “ Cartwheel into a Happy, Healthy life”.Our professionally designed programme is based on motor skill learning and imagination which helps build confidence in all children during our non-competitive gymnastic based classes and works on all areas of a child’s development to improve motor skills, language and social skills.Sessions are always fun but we have a serious mission to work with parents and carers to help develop sociable, confident and active children who are well equipped to deal with the challenges that modern day living presents to everyone including our children and who will then go on to become sociable confident and active young adults.With classes suitable for children from just 4 months through to 12 years, we are giving all children plenty of opportunity to be active and healthy. Small pupil/teacher ratios mean all our members build great relationships with our instructors, who focus on ensuring every child, irrelevant of their ability is always given their time to shine.We always praise the smallest of achievements because we understand that a small achievement for one child can be a massive one for another.We invite all potential members to attend a free trial session which enables both child and parents to see first-hand how much fun our programme is. For more information contact us now

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Gymnastics … It’s NOT just a girl thing!!

Sterotypically, gymnastics has always been seen as a girls’ activity. A bit like football and rugby are ‘for boys’... But that’s just not so. More and more girls are getting into football and rugby and we need that stigma to change with respect to boys ‘getting into gymnastics’ too. We’ve seen the trends changing in adult gyms where 'cross fit' and 'functional fitness' are becoming extremely popular with the guys but you need a great foundation & core to be able to do the things they do. How cool is it to do back flips and somersaults and start that 6-pack early? And it’s not just the men who want them, women want them too.Getting fit and keeping healthy is all about having regular daily physical activities and more importantly doing something that you enjoy and that’s why WE are so much more than a gym class. Yes, we are learning how to do handstands and cartwheels and forward rolls etc., BUT we also tick all the boxes that youngsters need to gain a love of sport that will last through to adulthood:Physical FunSocialising with new friendsLearning how to turn takeLearning how to shareLearning that it’s OK NOT to be able to do something the first time...remember the old adage...if at first you don’t succeed....Being able to let off steam in a safe, fun, nurturing environment – it’s not easy being a child these daysLearn how to be safe risk taking....all the skills our children learn are transferable into their everyday lifeOur small class sizes held on a weekly basis are designed to develop everyone at their own pace with the main focus being FUN, FUN, FUN for every child. Our classes have a mix of both boys and girls which is fantastic for the social interaction and development of children. We also have male and female instructors at the gym as we believe that it is important for young children to have both male and female role models. Seeing both women and men working together is representative of how great communities live and work together.By Introducing children to a gymnastics class you are helping them in all areas of their development.Top 10 Health Benefits of being a gymnastContact us NOW to book your free taster session!.Could you have a future Gymnastic STAR in your household?Here at Balance & Beam we truly believe our Gymnastic based Child Development Programme can help all children, irrelevant of their ability to be the very best they can be. The recent Gymnastic World Cup Event held in Birmingham is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through hard work and commitment. Developing this positive mind-set helps children to succeed in all walks of the lives both now and in the future.

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Who Wants Lots of FREE Stuff?

Become a Balance & Beam Annual GOLD CARD holder today and get all these FANTASTIC benefitsOur Balance & Beam Gold Card is available to Members Only and is our way of showing you, our members, how much we value you by giving you lots of benefits and FREE STUFFPurchase an annual GOLD CARD for just £60 and you will qualify for…10 FREE hot drinks per term1 x ½ day FREE holiday camp per term Discount on Balance & Beam merchandise £50 off a Balance & Beam Party The opportunity to SWAP 2 cancelled classes for a ½-day camp per term FREE admission to our under 4s eventsTo purchase your Gold Card speak to a member of the team next time you are in the gym.

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Top Tips for Busy Balance & Beam Parents

We all know we need to be encouraging our children to be active by introducing them to as much physical activity as possible to ensure their wellbeingWe also know that being your little one's social secretary and fitting everything in can be challenging for busy parents who don’t seem to have enough hours in the day!We have put together some tips to help make visiting us here at Balance & Beam as stress free as possible:Use our party room, it is a great quiet place for siblings to do homework whilst their brother/sister is in class.We have FREE WIFI at the gym if you need to catch up on any work whilst your child is in class. Feel free to use our plug sockets too.Parents/Carers, you can pop out of the gym once your child is in class if you need to attend to any errands or pick up some shopping from Festival ParkYou can use our party room facilities to prepare your children’s tea (microwave, kettle etc.) Why not get your little one ready for bed at the gym.. A quick face wash, teeth brushed and PJs on and a favourite book ready for the journey home.And remember if your day has been a total disaster! Our coffee machine serves great coffee to help you de-stress and we are all great listeners if you need an ear to bend. 

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Balance & Beam much more than a gymnastic class!

Balance & Beam have spent the last 13 years empowering 100s of children. Giving them the confidence to try new skills, confidently interact with their peers and learn to follow instruction. All this is great preparation for pre-school / nursery and also helps older children settle into a classroom environment.Our classes are carefully planned to help each child develop irrelevant of their ability as we treat all our members as individuals and embrace the smallest of achievement of every child. All the Balance & Beam team love what they do which means all our classes are taught in a fun environment. Safety is paramount in everything that we do and your child’s wellbeing both emotionally and physically is the main aim and focus of our programme. Being a member of our wonderful Balance & Beam family means your child will always be treated with respect and we will work with you to help your little person be the very best that they can be.Our programme is a positive learning and development environment for children from 4 months to 12 years as we believe it is never too early to introduce your child to physical active lifestlye.We have lots of class options to fit in with busy family schedules , so book a FREE trial session today and see for yourself just how fantastic our classes are.Balance & Beam Helping little people cartwheel into a Happy Healthy Life

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Rhythm Time Classes at Balance & Beam Gymnastics, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Exposing your baby to early music making is very special. It’s the best gift you can ever give them...AND we’re thrilled to hold our classes at Balance & Beam on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during term time. We charge just £5 per class, paid termly to secure your place.Class times:Toddler/Preschool Classes: 10am - Tuesday or ThursdayBaby Classes: 10.40, 11.20- Tuesday or Thursday Young Baby Classes: 12 noon- Tuesday or Thursday Any parents wishing to book a Rhythm Time music class for their baby or toddler can visit or contact Jo on 07947 525791.The importance of going to music classes with your babyMusic is a universal language that everyone loves and understands, but did you know that it is the only activity that can stimulate and activate every part of your baby’s brain?Contrary to common belief, every child is born musical and as parents, all you have to do is nurture this innate ability. In other words, it is your baby’s environment that will determine how musical they will become. Lots of simple activities can be done at home with your baby to help stimulate and encourage their development through music. However, being a new mum can be quite lonely so going along to a structured, educational music group will give you, as a parent, confidence and new ideas about what to continue doing at home while socialising and making new friends. Don’t forget that singing also releases the “happy hormone“ so singing together in a group with other mums is really beneficial for everyone. Making music with others is such a happy, joyful experience and there is no substitute for a child and parent taking part in a live music session. This is because you will both be experiencing music in the here and now and the benefits of being involved for both you and your baby are far reaching.It’s also never too early to join a baby music class in which you can learn all about how music can help stimulate your baby’s development. For example, Rhythm Time’s award-winning and unique music curriculum involve fun, structured and educational classes that will help you to understand how music can help your child’s development, as well as build their creativity, co-ordination and confidence.Here are some of the benefits early music-making and singing will bring:• Singing simple songs to you baby will help develop their speech and language skills. (Your baby will sing before they speak.)• Songs with actions are great fun but they also stimulate your baby’s auditory development and the actions will help them gain understanding and the meaning of the words.• Moving and rocking to music will help develop their vestibular system, inner ear and sense of balance.• Using various props will help stimulate their vision, eye tracking, co-ordination and motor skills.• Using simple percussion instruments will help develop their listening, small motor skills, co-ordination, sensory awareness, and determination as they try again and again to master playing the instrument.• Shaking small instruments, such as a maraca, will stimulate your baby’s auditory reflexes and help develop a sense of rhythm and pulse which is very important for language development and creative expression.• Exercising to music will help strengthen and develop their muscles, while at the same time instilling a sense of pulse, (which is like the heartbeat your baby was listening to in the womb.)• Playing peekaboo will help to develop their visual memory, listening skills, social interaction, and will give your baby a sense of themselves as being separate from you.Rhythm Time also offer Young Baby classes specially created for newborns up to 6 months.These have been specifically designed for infants at this very early stage.Written by a music teacher who is passionate about the benefits of music for babies and young children, the young baby classes, and older baby classes (6mths to 14mths) include a number of musical activities that will help a child’s early development:Babies can enjoy many multi-sensory activities to music involving equipment such as balls, mirrors, scarves, lycra, sensory blankets, lights, foil and bubbles. All these help to enhance all their senses, which is highly beneficial at this early stage in their development.

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