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New £40k investment means children CAN cartwheel into a Happy, Healthy Life

Latest investment will help all our current and future members to continue to develop during unique weekly Child Development Sessions.

Our new equipment will also help to encourage more boys to join our club and enjoy the benefits of being part of our Balance & Beam family as we introduce some functional fitness sessions into our classes.

We are aware that too much time in front of screens and a sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on our children’s wellbeing. This is why our aim at Balance & Beam has always been to introduce as many children as possible to live a healthy life through regular fun exercise and help to challenge them to meet their own personal little milestones . We have seen thousands of children and their families gain so much from our programme over the last 13 years and believe our continued investment will help us to continue to help local children “ Cartwheel into a Happy, Healthy life”.


Our professionally designed programme is based on motor skill learning and imagination which helps build confidence in all children during our non-competitive gymnastic based classes and works on all areas of a child’s development to improve motor skills, language and social skills.

Sessions are always fun but we have a serious mission to work with parents and carers to help develop sociable, confident and active children who are well equipped to deal with the challenges that modern day living presents to everyone including our children and who will then go on to become sociable confident and active young adults.

With classes suitable for children from just 4 months through to 12 years, we are giving all children plenty of opportunity to be active and healthy. Small pupil/teacher ratios mean all our members build great relationships with our instructors, who focus on ensuring every child, irrelevant of their ability is always given their time to shine.

We always praise the smallest of achievements because we understand that a small achievement for one child can be a massive one for another.

We invite all potential members to attend a free trial session which enables both child and parents to see first-hand how much fun our programme is. For more information contact us now

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