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We just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving Dylan such a fantastic 3rd birthday party. He had an awesome time and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves too. Elly and Aleysha were absolutely brilliant and the two hours went so fast. All the children enjoyed themselves from the oldest (13) to the youngest (2). There was so much fun and laughter, we could just sit back and watch all the children have a wonderful time.Thank you so much for a fantastic, brilliant, amazing, memorable, relaxing, tremendous, totally epic birthday party. Dylan often talks about all the fun and all his friends had at his party.It brought back many happy memories from when Grace had her 5th birthday party with you all those years ago!!It is still just as brilliant.Jackie, Mum to Dylan "My daughter started at Balance and Beam just 2 months ago and in only 9 sessions her development is amazing. She can now jump on her own with both feet leaving the floor, swing with only minimal support from the bars and hoops, walk independently across the balance beam and her forward roll is getting better every week. We both love heading out on a Saturday morning for the class - thank you to all at Balance and Beam for making it such an enjoyable and rewarding experience." Helen', mummy to Jessica"Just wanted to let you know how much your classes have helped to boost Riona's confidence - it is really amazing. There's a huge difference to your classes than others, like how you talk through things with the children and communicate what's happening in class, keeping smaller groups, taking care when they are upset, being gentle all the time. I can go on and on. Big thank you anyway." Suja, mum to Riona.“I've always thought it imperative to ensure our children receive a balanced ‎approach to child care, I'm pleased to say both son and daughter were cared for by my wife, mother and a nursery during their early stages. My eldest daughter, Ava took to Balance & Beam classes with natural enthusiasm and by choice asks to attend the holiday camps too, however my cheeky little son has some shy tendencies. We took the same approach to childcare with him and I am really pleased to say that the addition of Balance & Beam classes is enabling him to come out of his shell with strangers and new children each week. Other people are now able to meet the real Joel! On reflection I've changed my approach to childcare to include Balance & Beam! For me Balance & Beam is now one of four core elements of care / socialisation for a toddler in their early stages. Exercise, strength and learning things in a class environment - the holiday/activity camps are all obvious extra bonuses.Thanks Balance & Beam, I couldn't be more pleased with a hobby type class for my kids”. Martin, dad to Ava & Joel.“Would like to say a HUGE thank you for Macy's birthday party on Sunday, Mel and Elly are a credit to Balance & Beam, so welcoming and organised, and generally lovely girls, really kept the children engaged, all the children had a lovely time and were asking their parents if they could come again, all the parents were impressed how lovely the gym was and just how fab the instructors were. Macy loved every minute, best party ever, so thank you again, especially to your lovely girls Mel and Elly xx” Kelly, Mum to Macy"Our daughter, Millie joined Balance and Beam almost four years ago. Over the last four years it has been wonderful to watch her develop, many of the initial skills she has been taught not only support her development in so many other aspects of her life; walking, balance and coordination but have also taught her how to stay safe and lower herself off objects she may have climbed onto. At home she often practises the skills she is being taught in class and it is wonderful to see the bond she has with the instructors. I love the structure of the classes; each week has an engaging theme and builds upon the skills introduced over the term. Overall, I have been so pleased we chose to come to classes here, each week she amazes me, as she gets older, she seems to pick up skills faster. Whether it's walking or forward rolling on the beam, somersaulting on the bars or simply following instructions on the floor. She enjoys every minute and it's been a pleasure to watch. Millie particularly enjoys the holiday camps, where she gets to meet new people, carry out various activities throughout the day as well as get to spend even longer in the gym, which she loves! Thank you Balance and Beam, Scott and Jill, parents to Millie.Just a quick note to say thank you for all that you do at balance & beam,Thanks for the lovely bond you’ve all built with K & us as a family, For the time & effort you put into developing your children through the well thought out themes which you explain thoroughly in class,Keeping the Facebook page fun & exciting with birthdays & star of the week, The end of term certificates that we keep & the stickers you give which mostly get squashed or chewed but are very welcome,For your newsletters so we know exactly what’s happening & for all the other activities you make possible that we’ll look forward to joining in with as K grows, I can’t wait to have a birthday party with you!Thanks for always being so caring & asking how we are & for being so accommodating with our classes on weeks when K hasn’t been too well over the winter, Your skills at knowing how to safely encourage our little girl when she was just 4 months old & started coming to class have been so enriching for her,We’re very proud to be a part of balance & beam, thanks for facilitating such a fabulous skill locally,“Thank you ladybirds”(Mum to one of our Little Ladybirds 1-2 Years)I just wanted to email you and say a huge THANK YOU - For listening to mine and my daughter’s concerns and for suggesting ways to help, and WOW did it help. To see her little face in class and others too, smiling and laughing & enjoying what they were doing. As her Mum I knew I needed to and trusted you enough to be able to talk to you. You proved me right, by listening, taking on board my concerns and changing things slightly to help my daughterI know to each parent, their child is special, and they are the only thing that matters at that point, whereas you have hundreds of children to think of. Again, you embrace each child, and this is unique and special. A well-deserved thank you and I’m proud to be part of the Balance & Beam FamilyKaren- Mum to two little gymnasts"What a fantastic activity for youngsters. We have been bringing our daughter Chloe since she was about 8 months old (she is now 2) and now our 6-month-oldZoe has just started too! Think that's too early? Think again!The reason behind every action and movement is explained, so parents understand WHY and HOW it benefits the child. Whilst each little person is simply having a wonderful time; shaking bells, singing, running or tumbling about in the purpose-made soft-play gym.Our daughter has progressed both socially and emotionally as well as physically, she is only just 2 years old, but she now has the foundations to help her develop her sharing and helping skills, alongside her growing enjoyment (and lack of apprehension!) of the Beam, Bars and Rings.Thanks to the hard working and dedicated staff, each little person is made to feel extra special, even on those difficult days!Very highly recommended."Carrie, mum to Chloe & Zoe “It 100% brilliant! We’ve been coming to classes here for a while and I love the way that Lily is learning so much whilst having fun & being active. Physical skills grow week by week & she has learned how to share, take turns, listen, follow instructions as well as make new friends outside school. Every week is different so she never gets bored and I love the way the staff encourage & motivate her making exercise part of her everyday life.We love Balance & Beam & just can’t speak highly enough of it”Amelia R, mum to Lily, Age 6Once again, Emily has enjoyed a fantastic birthday party at Balance & Beam. There was no hesitation at all when I asked her 2 months ago where she'd like her party this year 'Balance & Beam please Mum' so I duly booked and sat back knowing that everything would run like clockwork. Invitations were provided and carefully written and a couple of days before the party, a phone call to confirm final numbers. On the day, I packed our light snack (and honestly, don't take too much, children never eat that much at parties) into a large box and arrived with the cake and party bags 15 minutes before the official kick off time. The girls took the boxes off my hands leaving me to meet and greet our guests while they laid the party table. Then off the children went into the gym leaving us parents to grab a coffee and have a lovely relaxing chat while they 'did their stuff!'The most enormous parachute you've ever seen, at one point encompassed the whole 15 children and 2 coaches, looking like a multi coloured marshmallow, and from inside we could hear the children singing 'Happy Birthday'. All the staff are fantastic. They are polite, professional...and slightly mad and my girls LOVE them!!I'd booked the 2-hour party so just over half way through, the red-faced children came charging out of the gym and dashed into the party room to guzzle gallons of free squash and eat the party food and of course...sang Happy Birthday again when the cake made its grand entrance. Once the food had been demolished and hands wiped, it was back into the gym for more fun, finishing with the 'Cheese Slam'. If you've never seen this, you must! I want a go!!!!Any leftover food was put back into the box I'd brought it in ready to take home. Party bags, cake and balloons were distributed to our guests and Emily added to her collection of Balance and Beam T-shirts with a fetching lime green number. Talking to another Mum after the party, she commented that it was one of the most relaxing parties she'd been to. From a parent’s viewpoint, it's such a simple party to organise....and from the party girls viewpoint...'epic party again Mum, even better than last years!'Little sisters party booked for next month...need I say any more????!We're excited to tell you that we now have our own Youtube Channel where we have some new testimonial videos and our class video. Have a look to see what 2 of our members have to say about us. If you have friends, why not email this link across for them to have a look atOur class video is also on there so you can see what we get up to on a daily 

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STRESS FREE… GROUP OUTING!! YES the two statements do go together when you book your event at Balance & Beam. Why not come and spend a lively morning/afternoon with usWe guarantee every event will be stress free for you and amazing fun for children.If you are looking for a fun, action packed group activity for your Pre School, Primary School & Club then our group booking packages are the perfect solution to your reward day needs.Our school group activity sessions are a great opportunity to get children out of the classroom enjoying some physical fun.Group visits are ideal as a school reward day or a team building day for childrenWe are OFSTED registered and a full risk assessment policy will be provided for every visit. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 children and these visits are suitable for primary school children up to year 3. Your visit will be led by our fully qualified instructors ensuring activities are always safe structured and suitable for each individual group visit. Each of our sessions will help children develop motor skills, with activities such as running, jumping, skipping, hopping and galloping.Children will be given the opportunity to experience all the equipment in the gym. Learning how to do forward rolls and trying cartwheels on the mats. Building muscle strength on the bars with swings, hangs and rotations and trying skills on the beam.All this is achieved in a fun filled hour and a half session.Our school group visits are also a great opportunity for teaching staff to pick up ideas for their own physical activity sessions within school At the end of each visit all the children will be served juice /or water and biscuits.A real fun filled outing for everyone.

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Manners Cost Nothing

Making a Difference to Children’s livesOur Child Development Programme can help make a REAL difference to children both Physically and Emotionally.We let all our members hear a lot of “Please,” “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” and “Excuse me” as we interact with them throughout the class.And we always address your little person with the same politeness we would an adult.Every one of our sessions is carefully planned to teach your child to understand that they need to Share, Turn Take and be Considerate to their peers. This will help your child not only in class but in all aspects of their life.The physical element of our programme is delivered through Non-competitive gymnastics and is designed to Build physical skills week by week giving all our members the opportunity to shine as they build their skills . Most of all your child will be having lots of FUN whilst learning all these important Life Skills.We have various age appropriate classes to choose from starting from classes suitable for babies from 4 months through to 12 years. If you have a little person who would benefit from being part of our Wonderful Programme we would love to hear from you. Similarly if you know a family with children please forward this email on to them.We are so confident in our programme we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION TRIAL to everyone, giving you and your child the opportunity to experience one of our fun filled sessions for yourselves .Balance and Beam “Helping little people cartwheel into a Happy Healthy Life”

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Gymnastics … It’s NOT just a girl thing!!

Sterotypically, gymnastics has always been seen as a girls’ activity. A bit like football and rugby are ‘for boys’... But that’s just not so. More and more girls are getting into football and rugby and we need that stigma to change with respect to boys ‘getting into gymnastics’ too. We’ve seen the trends changing in adult gyms where 'cross fit' and 'functional fitness' are becoming extremely popular with the guys but you need a great foundation & core to be able to do the things they do. How cool is it to do back flips and somersaults and start that 6-pack early? And it’s not just the men who want them, women want them too.Getting fit and keeping healthy is all about having regular daily physical activities and more importantly doing something that you enjoy and that’s why WE are so much more than a gym class. Yes, we are learning how to do handstands and cartwheels and forward rolls etc., BUT we also tick all the boxes that youngsters need to gain a love of sport that will last through to adulthood:Physical FunSocialising with new friendsLearning how to turn takeLearning how to shareLearning that it’s OK NOT to be able to do something the first time...remember the old adage...if at first you don’t succeed....Being able to let off steam in a safe, fun, nurturing environment – it’s not easy being a child these daysLearn how to be safe risk taking....all the skills our children learn are transferable into their everyday lifeOur small class sizes held on a weekly basis are designed to develop everyone at their own pace with the main focus being FUN, FUN, FUN for every child. Our classes have a mix of both boys and girls which is fantastic for the social interaction and development of children. We also have male and female instructors at the gym as we believe that it is important for young children to have both male and female role models. Seeing both women and men working together is representative of how great communities live and work together.By Introducing children to a gymnastics class you are helping them in all areas of their development.Top 10 Health Benefits of being a gymnastContact us NOW to book your free taster session!.Could you have a future Gymnastic STAR in your household?Here at Balance & Beam we truly believe our Gymnastic based Child Development Programme can help all children, irrelevant of their ability to be the very best they can be. The recent Gymnastic World Cup Event held in Birmingham is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through hard work and commitment. Developing this positive mind-set helps children to succeed in all walks of the lives both now and in the future.

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Who Wants Lots of FREE Stuff?

Become a Balance & Beam Annual GOLD CARD holder today and get all these FANTASTIC benefitsOur Balance & Beam Gold Card is available to Members Only and is our way of showing you, our members, how much we value you by giving you lots of benefits and FREE STUFFPurchase an annual GOLD CARD for just £60 and you will qualify for…£50 off a Balance & Beam Birthday Party10 FREE hot drinks per term1 x ½ day FREE holiday camp per term Discount on Balance & Beam merchandise The opportunity to SWAP 2 cancelled classes for a ½-day camp per term FREE admission to our under 4s eventsTo purchase your Gold Card speak to a member of the team next time you are in the gym.

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Top Tips for Busy Balance & Beam Parents

We all know we need to be encouraging our children to be active by introducing them to as much physical activity as possible to ensure their wellbeingWe also know that being your little one's social secretary and fitting everything in can be challenging for busy parents who don’t seem to have enough hours in the day!We have put together some tips to help make visiting us here at Balance & Beam as stress free as possible:Use our party room, it is a great quiet place for siblings to do homework whilst their brother/sister is in class.We have FREE WIFI at the gym if you need to catch up on any work whilst your child is in class. Feel free to use our plug sockets too.Parents/Carers, you can pop out of the gym once your child is in class if you need to attend to any errands or pick up some shopping from Festival ParkYou can use our party room facilities to prepare your children’s tea (microwave, kettle etc.) Why not get your little one ready for bed at the gym.. A quick face wash, teeth brushed and PJs on and a favourite book ready for the journey home.And remember if your day has been a total disaster! Our coffee machine serves great coffee to help you de-stress and we are all great listeners if you need an ear to bend. 

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Helping little people cartwheel into a happy healthy life

New term classes With parents placing a real emphasis on the health and development of their children, our classes combine gymnastics, motor skill abilities and above all, fun.Children from the age of 4 months to 12 years can develop motor skill ability, gain confidence through the development of social and emotional skills and boost physical fitness and strength.To register your interest in our new classes, please call us on 01782  214452 or email via our contact page by clicking here and we'll be in touch very shortly.Oh and remember to let us know if you would like a free trial class for your child - be quick!To view current class timetable please click here.

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