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Regular Exercise Helps In ALL Areas Of A Child’s Development

In our fast paced world, many children are struggling to cope emotionally so the importance of focusing on our children’s health both emotional and physical is huge.

Exercise releases endorphins, which makes us all feel happy and less stressed and this is also true for children.

Exercise, Confidence & Self-esteem

It can be hard for us all to be confidence around others, and this is the same for our children. We understand that all children are different and it is normal that some children feel nervous around others at times, but having a lack of confidence in all social situations can lead to diagnosable problems such as anxiety in the future.

Confident children achieve more, develop better relationships and embrace opportunities in life.

Donkey Kicks on the Tumble Track

Our classes help to build confidence in children.

All our professionally designed child development classes allows children to build confidence as they achieve new skills, whilst also building their social skills around their peers.

Age specific sessions allow children time to build friendships, making our classes both a social and physical activity. Children build healthy relationships with their peers, which are skills that are essential for their future.

Our small student/teacher ratio means all children receive individual attention, helping them achieve their own personal little goals which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem.

Let us help your child Cartwheel into a Happy Healthy Life… Book your FREE trial session today.

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